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Blackheads, Comedones : And what to do with it?
Blackheads, Comedones : And what to do with it?

The notorious black dots do not fit into the picture of perfect skin. And they appear in almost everyone for a variety of reasons:

🚩 Incorrect care - insufficient or, conversely, too intense cleansing

🚩 Inappropriate cosmetics - Some cosmetics severely clog pores. If your skin is prone to oily and acne, choose products without dense structures and oils in the composition.

🚩 Improper nutrition - everything is individual here. You need to track, after what products the rash worsens in you

🚩 Hormones - not only in adolescents, but also during changes in the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy or menopause

If you are anxious to get rid of blackheads as soon as possible, do not squeeze them out or rub them with aggressive scrubs. The inflammation will begin. But you have other options ⤵️

1️⃣ Contact a beautician and try deep facial cleansing (phototherapy, chemical peeling or biodermabrasion). True, often such procedures cannot be done, and the effect of them is temporary.

2️⃣ Start home skin care with the right products. Only it must be constant, otherwise the problem will return: (Before starting home care, consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist.)
 • Wash with gentle pH neutral products
 • For cleansing, use cosmetics with salicylic or glycolic acid. After it, always apply SPF cream
 • A couple of times a week to do masks with white clay for oily / problem skin
 • Moisturize skin with non-comedogenic hyaluronic acid products

But the main advice that can be given when it comes to "disadvantages" is the following: the only option for ideal skin is healthy skin. 


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