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Laser hair removal is a painless, safe and fast way to get rid of unwanted hair. The essence of the procedure is simple: a laser beam affects melanin, a pigment that is contained in the hair. By absorbing light energy, the pigment heats up and destroys the reproductive system of the hair, so that subsequent growth becomes impossible.

There are several types of lasers:

neodymium laser
Their beams differ from each other in wavelength, the shortest beam of an alexandrite laser, the relatively long diode laser, and the longest wavelength of a neodymium laser.

Alexandrite laser

It is not recommended to come to the procedure with a "fresh" tan. Must be at least 2 weeks after tanning.

Before the procedure, the length of the hairs should be 1-2 mm

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the type of skin and hair. According to statistics, in the case of relatively dark hair, on average, after 5-10 procedures, 90% of patients are permanently freed from unwanted hair.

Diode hair removal is effective on both dark and light hair.

Before the epilation procedure, it is advisable to shave a few hours in advance, otherwise it will burn the hair, so you will not get the desired result, since the energy of the beam will be spent on burning the hair.

neodymium laser

It is done mainly on dark skin, also on tanned skin, it is fast and has such a long beam that it cannot perceive the surface of the skin and because of this the surface of the skin does not burn. Sessions can also be held in the summer. The devices combine alexandrite and neodymium lasers.

It takes about 6 sessions for complete hair removal. The procedures are carried out once a month, so after about six months you will be able to get rid of hair.

Of course, like any other medical procedure, laser hair removal has its contraindications:

Laser hair removal is not done while taking medications (antidepressants, antibiotics)

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body, it is not recommended to perform laser hair removal around the eyes, and special glasses must be worn during the procedure.

Laser hair removal is prohibited for herpes, inflammatory skin rashes, cancer, pregnancy and lactation.

For 10-14 days before and after the session, regardless of the type of laser used, you must not sunbathe and be sure to use a cream with a sun protection factor (SPF 30).

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