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Has the first rash already appeared under the mask?
Has the first rash already appeared under the mask?

This type of acne is called Acne Mechanica and its cause is the narrowing of hair follicles and pores. Acne Mechanica develops in a humid, environment conducive to bacteria.

See the necessary tips on how to care for facial skin, thus avoiding skin irritation and inflammation.

Do not use synthetic masks.
Use a natural fabric mask.

Wash your face with cleanser
I recommend using foam or milk, morning and evening

Buy cosmetics with salicylic acid: it will not damage your skin, unlike a scrub.

Moisturizing the skin
Be sure to apply moisturizer after washing. The product creates a protective barrier, this will reduce the risk of inflammation and also prevent the development of acne and skin irritation.

Avoid thick-textured creams;
Very fatty products or products that promote the production of fat.

  Arranging preventive procedures
Several times a week you can apply a moisturizing mask with a cream or fabric base. Even use a clay cleaner to clean the pores better.

Eat foods rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants
Vitamin C. Is a powerful antioxidant. Helps skin fight acne. Berries, broccoli, kiwi, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin E. Protects skin cells from damage and accelerates the regeneration process. Avocados, spinach, various nuts and seeds are especially rich in vitamin E.


Vitamin A. Without vitamin A, the skin may become dry. Foods rich in vitamin A are: sweet potatoes, lettuce, carrots, spinach, sweet peppers, broccoli, grapefruit, dried apricots, mango.

Get Omega 3. If you fortify your diet with omega 3 fats, it will definitely affect your skin health. Foods rich in omega 3: seafood, garlic, chia and flax seeds, walnuts, soy.

Drink water
Remember that even the slightest dehydration of the body affects your facial skin so you need to get plenty of water.

For best results, follow the tips: Follow the basic principles of wearing the mask properly. Do not touch the face with dirty hands, and most importantly, keep calm!

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